Monday, August 4, 2008

Da Weekend

We had such a productive weekend! We had a wonderful and fun BBQ on Friday with the Snells, Quinneys and Thuesons. It was good to see everyone and play Hand N Foot and all of the food was amazing!

Saturday Chris and I woke up and worked on the yard all day long! It was so hot and it drained me but we got a lot done. While we were outside working a man drove by and stopped. He has tried to stop by our house for the past month, but couldn't catch us. He works for NorthStar, they put in alarm systems. Chris and I have been talking for a while about getting an alarm system, but haven't had the money yet. The company has put in several of their alarm systems in the neighborhood already, so we got one too! The alarm system was free and we just have to pay for the monthly monitoring! So Saturday night, we had that installed. While the man was installing the system, we were watching Food Network and Bobby Flay was making pulled pork. So at 8:30 at night, we headed to Goodwood! And as always, it was wonderful!

Sunday was also a great day. We slept in and I made Chris his favorite breakfast. I have been begging Chris to take the dogs to the dog park for weeks, so we packed them up and headed across the valley. When we got to the dog park, Harley started growling at a pit bull before we even got out of the car. We sat there for about 5 minutes and he continued to growl. Now we really didn't want a pit bull to beat Harley and have to go to the vet, so we went home. Stupid dog! When we got home, I cleaned our house and Chris did more yard work. And we ended our weekend with a wonderful dinner!

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Michelle said...

That does sound like you had a SUPER fun weekend!! And the BBQ was DANG fun and the food was DANG good too!! =) We need to all hang out again soon!! =)