Friday, August 3, 2012

Braxton's Nursery

It's funny that we had Conner's nursery finished months in advance and here Braxton is, 1 month old, and we are still trying to finish his nursery. Oh well, such is life. He probably won't be in here for another month anyways, so it's ok. 

After looking on blogs and Pinterest for nursery ideas I decided on an airplane theme after seeing one of my friends nurseries. I don't like to do "babyish" nurseries and figured the airplane theme could last awhile. I love how the nursery is turning out. We still need curtains, 2 large picture frames above the crib, a pillow for the rocking chair and we need to print pictures. But at least you can get the idea of the nursery from these pictures! 

 The view when you walk in

 Wall to your right when you walk in
Still need to print pictures

 Clipboards used to hang pictures or art
This art was drawn by neighbors and family that watched Conner while I was in labor. They brought them to the hospital after I delivered Braxton and they came to visit! 

 Metal planes that my best friend April gave to me. They were used in her son's nursery 8 years ago

 Metal bucket that I spray painted red, it was originally white

I love the bedding! 

 Shelf above the dresser

 Letter "B" that was plain wood. I used modge podge to put the map paper on and distressed the edges

 Frame that will hold a picture, not his age. This was also plain wood and I used mode podge and chevron paper. 

Shadow box using the same map paper and a plane that I printed.