Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How am I doing?

Are you wondering how well I'm doing on my New Year's Goals? Should I lie to you or tell the truth? Ok, ok the truth is I am doing about 2 of my 3 goals. I bet you can guess which 2!

#1 is to take more pictures and I am doing well at that. We have a large camera and it's not easy to whip that out and take pictures. We will be getting a smaller camera soon and hopefully I will take more pictures!

#2 is better time management. I am doing well at this. I am making sure that things are getting done and then relaxing or getting on the computer.

#3 is my cleaning schedule. I did this the first 2 days and then life got in the way! Dinner has to be made, playing with my son has to be done and my husband has not been home to help out. So this goal is on the back burner. It seemed reasonable but it's just not right now.Maybe I can pick it up again at a later date, but I'm not stressing over it.

So how are you doing????

Friday, January 21, 2011


It's this guys 28th Birthday Today (the big guy)! I will spare you mushy stuff and just say that he's an awesome dad, husband and friend!

Happy Birthday Dad!
We Love You!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

16 Months

Our little baby has quickly become a toddler! It amazes me how much he changes daily and the things that he learns! Chris always says that he was not prepared for how quickly kids grow and I 100% agree with that. If we did 1 thing right in our life, it was having him!

At 16 Months Conner:
-Wears 18-24 Month Clothes, Size 5 shoes, Size 3 diapers
-Has 11 teeth now! He got another tooth on the bottom in the front which means his cute little smile that only showed his 2 bottom teeth is gone. I'm kind of sad about that.
-Jibber jabbers like crazy!
- Anytime the phone rings he wants to talk to whoever it is. I just wish that I knew what he was saying!
- He has learned to say vroom when he pushes his cars around.
-Loves cars!!!
- Thinks it funny to climb from his chair to the couch to the coffee table and play with everything on it.
-Threw up for the first real time (he had the normal baby spit up) and it scared him, poor guy!
-Does not like to be held on my lap when he drinks his bottle. He likes to sit or lay by himself.
-Will not drink milk from a sippy cup, which makes bottle weaning really hard.
-Loves to brush his teeth
-Loves to help me put on my makeup especially my blush. The brush tickles his face!
-Learned where his ears are. But instead of touching his own ears, he touches mine.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Playroom Remodel

We have 3 bedrooms on the upstairs level of our house, 1 is the Master, 1 is Conner's room and the other has been a storage room, guest bedroom, office and now the playroom!

We wanted to paint the white walls and picked a neutral gray color so that if the room needs to be changed into something else again we will not have to repaint it. I also wanted some type of storage that had bins to hide stuff but I also wanted it to be a furniture piece so we could use it later on. I picked a bookcase from Ikea and bought some bins from Ikea as well. I am still needing art on the wall and am planning on doing THIS when I can get around to it!

I absolutely love this room! It is working out great for us. It came together exactly the way that I wanted it to and I'm sure that Conner loves it as well!

I think the ABC Art will go on this wall (above pic)!

Smallest TV ever! We are getting a bigger one soon!

Monday, January 3, 2011


Happy New Year Everyone! I have set some goals for this year, not resolutions, and would like to share them with you and maybe inspire.

1. Take more pictures. I always forget my camera when we go to family functions or when we hang out with friends and I always miss out on taking pictures of the memories. So hopefully I can do better with that.

2. Better my time management. This means no blogging or Facebooking when I should be doing laundry, or paying bills, etc.

3. Keep up on the cleaning. This was very neglected in 2010 and I was always in a bad mood and complaining about our messy house. So how will I do that? I'm not going to deep clean everything everyday but do 1 simple task each day. This will hopefully keep things a little cleaner, making me a happy wife and mother! (we will see)

Monday-Swiffer 1 floor that needs it
Tuesday-Clean the toilet, counter and mirror in 1 bathroom
Wednesday-Dust 1 room that needs it
Friday-Empty trash cans and clean the fridge (cleaning the fridge consists of getting rid of anything old and cleaning out any containers that need to be washed).
Saturday is deep clean day and Sunday is rest!

Wish me luck!!!!