Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baby Update

I'm sure that Conner had about 20 posts at this point in my pregnancy with him and lots of pictures to go with them. I also kept a journal during my pregnancy with him and haven't done that with this baby, which makes me sad. So here I am, almost 19 weeks into this pregnancy and this is really the first post about how this pregnancy is going, sorry Baby Braxton, I suck!

We had our 20 week ultrasound today and the baby is healthy and looking good and still a boy! I was worried last night that something was going to be wrong, so I'm relieved that everything looks good.

I have seen this idea on a few peoples blog and decided to copy the idea. I don't think that I will do them every week, but I will do better at keeping everyone updated! This first post is kind of a catch-up on the past 19 weeks.

How Far Along: Will be 19 weeks in 2 days
Size of Baby: Today, he measured 9 oz. which is roughly the size of a large tomato or 6 inches from head to bottom
Maternity Clothes: Not wearing any, but my pants don't really fit anymore so I guess it's time to go shopping. I ordered a few maternity shirts online and should get those soon. Since I'm not working this pregnancy and stay home a lot, I wear lounge pants,a t-shirt and a zip up jacket most days. I only get dressed when I really need to. I feel bad for my husband who comes home everyday wondering why I'm not dressed yet. Oh well!
Gender: BOY!
Movement:I have only felt him move twice. Once it kind of felt like a wave in my stomach and one was a kick. With Conner, my placenta was backwards meaning the thick part is towards my belly button, making it harder to feel the baby. The ultrasound tech said my placenta is backwards again with the pregnancy which explains why I haven't really felt him.
Sleep: I sleep fine most nights. This past week I have been waking up around 4 and it takes me a while to get back to sleep. Conner is also sick and having coughing attacks at night and not sleeping well so that is probably a part of it too.
What I Miss: I don't really miss anything right now.
Cravings:None really. I was nauseous for the first 17 weeks or so and just ate whatever I thought tasted or sounded good at the time. I can pretty much eat anything at this point, I just really hate preparing food right now. I have really enjoyed vegetables with ranch this pregnancy though.
Symptoms: Nauseous for the first 17 weeks and no energy. I gag a lot at certain smells. I have only thrown up a couple of times this pregnancy. I also had no energy for the 17 weeks and have just regained energy in the past couple of weeks.
Best Moment of the Week: Seeing the heartbeat on the ultrasound
Appointments this Week: Just the ultrasound today
What I'm Looking Forward to: Getting started on the nursery and maybe buying a few clothes for the baby.
This Week's Thoughts:I know a lot of people who are having babies right now and have been reading their birth stories. And even though I gave birth once, I'm terrified right now! I was induced with Conner and as of right now, there is no need to induce this baby. So I'm really scared of having contractions, and going through labor and not knowing when this baby will come. I'm fully aware that it is still really early in this pregnancy to be talking about a due date, but I loved being induced with Conner and knowing when he was coming and not having to worry about my water breaking and things like that.
Pictures from this Week: Here you go.....

Thursday, February 9, 2012

12 Years

I'm a couple days late in posting this but oh well! As of February 7th 2012, Chris and I have been together 12 years! I won't go into detail because I think I've talked about our love story on this blog before, but we met on the 7th and our first date was on the 14th. So this Valentine's Day we will be celebrating the 12th anniversary of our first date! I love Chris more than anything and anyone in the world and am SO SO happy to be his wife and to have him as my best friend!

Here are some OLD pictures for your viewing pleasure!