Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We're Having A...


Most everyone knows that I really wanted a girl and really thought this baby was going to be a girl, but I'm finally OK that we are having another boy! They are going to have so much fun growing up together and playing together and getting in trouble together! We are working on some name options but nothing is set in stone yet!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Funny Things

These are just some funny things that Conner has said lately that I want documented!

Sometimes when we put Conner to bed, he cries and knocks on his door to come out. This week he has started saying, "I want Mom, No Dadda, Mom!" Usually followed by "Let me out."

He says upside down as Upiside (up-e-side) Down. This morning he woke up at 6:30am and I wasn't ready to be awake so I brought him in my bed. When he woke up a couple of hours later, he had moved so his head was on my chest and he was looking up at me. He said, "Mom, I upiside down!"

When we ask him if he wants a brother or sister he says "Sista." And when you ask him what a baby says, he always looks at me then smiles. Then I cry like a baby. Then I ask him what he says when the baby cries and he says "Hush!"

Every single morning he looks around the house and says, "Where's Dadda?" I say work. He says, "Oh, he come home, see me, see you. "