Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Braxton 8 and 9 Month

Braxton is at such a fun stage of life right now! He is learning so much, growing so quickly and trying to do everything his big brother is doing! He and Conner have such an amazing bond that is so cool to see-I will have to write a post about it one day! Braxton makes me smile every single day and I love him so much! 
At 8 and 9 Months Braxton:
-wears size 3 diapers and mostly 12 month clothes. I have not put shoes on him though-well only a couple of times so I'm not actually sure what size shoe he is
-loves to move! He crawls so fast and when he does crawl, he drags his right leg behind him, it's funny to watch. But he's fast.
-loves to be with me. He hates when I put him down and will cry. Or he will crawl to where I am. 
-LOVES FOOD! He is such a good eater! He eats anything that I am eating and is trying to grab at my drinks when I have one with a straw. He loves to drink out of cups, but I rarely let him do this because it's a huge mess! 
-loves to dance-move his head to music. 
-loves to do whatever his brother is doing-like playing cars. He will grab the cars and try and play with Conner. Conner is not such a huge fan of that. 
-love to play with stuff more than toys. Brax has rattles and lots of toys, but he would rather suck on my phone, the remote, keys, anything besides toys! 
-puts EVERYTHING in his mouth! 
-is still not sleeping well. He is up several times a night and usually requires a bottle to go back to sleep. 
-loves to smack his lips-I call it blowing kisses. 
-loves to stick out his tongue when you smile at him

 Showing his serious side 

I love this picture---Mom stop taking my picture, this is getting old! 

I've spent 30 minutes trying to turn these pictures and I can't, so sorry!