Sunday, February 13, 2011


I remember Conner being a new born baby, needing me to change him, feed him, hold him and doing everything for him. Here we are 17 months later and I feel like I'm already losing him! That is a little dramatic, I know but this kid is growing up fast! He is so independent and that kills me some days! I also love it because he is learning and growing and that is so very cool to see!
***Please the note the giant bruise on Conner's head. He fell hard in the grocery store!

At 17 months Conner:
-Wears size 3 diapers still but going to 4 the next box we need to buy
-Wears size 18 month-2T clothes and size 5 shoes
-Has 11 teeth and 1 trying to poke through
-Can do 2 puzzles by himself. The pieces even go in the right place!
-Has food issues-let's not talk about this subject! He loves sugar, eats chicken nuggets almost every night for dinner, loves BBQ chips and loves apples!
-Has no fear! He loves to climb on anything and everything, he loves being thrown up in the air and spun around until he can't walk!
-Loves to give kisses and I love to receive them!
-Likes the idea of bath time but hates actually get in the tub and getting washed
-Does the phone dance. I can't explain this in words and will have to try and record it one day. He spins around trying to find the phone and his face looks shocked or surprised-so cute!
-Can do all the actions to Pattycake.
-Hates Chris and I touching each other, like holding hands or kissing. He will come over and move my hand or push us apart.
-Loves to shake his head NO at everything you ask him.
-Laughs when he burps or farts-such a boy!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


11 years ago tomorrow, the 7th, I met Chris Gillespie! We met at the Sports Mall hair salon, had a snowball fight in the parking lot and saw each other everyday for the next week. We went on our very first date on February 14th (I know, I know) and the rest is history! It's been the BEST 11 years of my life and I owe it all to him!
I love you Chris Gillespie!

I found my old journal and this is a piece of the entry from when we first met:
"There is something there, sparks are flying. He makes my stomach turn into little knots. I'M IN LOVE! I LOVE CHRIS! I don't know if that is possible at 16 years old but I have never felt anything like this before and I like it! "
I was a smart girl and knew in my heart that I was going to marry Chris.

I also found some really old pictures of us and I don't know how to work our scanner, so I took pictures of the pictures with my cell phone, so excuse the poor quality !