Sunday, October 14, 2012

Conner at 3

    These are things that I want to remember about Conner at age 3! I've been trying to write this post for awhile, but I just can't get the right words to express how much I love him. He is my best friend and sidekick in everything that I do. I am just so in love with him! 


-I love when he runs into my bedroom every morning, usually smiling, carrying his pile of blankets and his frog. And how he always sits next to me, nuzzles up to me and asks me for a peanut butter cup and apple juice.
-Loves to help me and Chris do everything that we are doing. The dishes, mowing, laundry, holding Braxton. He wants to be right there in the action.
-Is getting over being shy. Whenever we are around other people, Conner used to take at least 20 minutes to warn up to the people and surroundings. Now he just starts talking and playing. I truly believe that the couple weeks of preschool we have been to have helped that.
-Loves school! I love picking him up and hearing about what he did and ate for snack. He has only been in preschool for a couple of weeks but I can tell it's already bettering him! I was excited and worried about putting him in school but I know it was a great decision.
-Loves to tell stories. And I love hearing how he tells them. The way he repeats things, lists things in the right order. Rarely uses names and says peoples and add an s onto the end of words.
-Loves his brother so much! It's so cute to see them interact with each other, make faces at each other. Conner loves to hug Braxton and kiss him. Every morning when he comes into my room he has to make sure Braxton is happy and ok. He always says, "Braxton's eyes are open, he's looking at me, he loves me."
-He also loves his Dad. He anxiously waits for him to come home from work and hates leaving his side. He loves to go anywhere with Chris and help him out with anything around the house or outside.
-He is really smart-or so other people always say. He can spell his name, mom, dad, cat, Pam and Kim. He can count to 20. He knows the alphabet. He remembers songs and can sing along with them. He has a great memory as well, which I hope he keeps because he will need it in real school.
-He loves to dance around to music, sing, run and just have fun! He especially loves to play outside.
-He is currently obsessed with making piles, usually in the living room. He gathers anything and everything he can find in that room and piles it up. One day he started piling things up around Braxton. I had to stop that pile quick!

3 Months

I ALWAYS say this when I do these posts about our kids, but they really are growing up so dang fast. I swear that Braxton is growing up and doing things quicker than Conner did. It makes me sad and I need to do a better job at living in the moment and enjoying those moments, especially since I'm pretty sure that we are done having kids. 

At 3 Months Braxton:
-Is wearing size 2 diapers, 3 month clothes, no shoes-just socks and ways 13 pounds according to my scale at home.
-Loves to "talk." And especially loves to get talking with Conner!
-Is chunking up! He is such a solid boy. I call him my linebacker.
-Nicknames: Cuters, Brax, Bubbas, Tank-occasionally
-Loves to hold things in his hand, but can't pick up things on his own yet.
-Loves to put everything in his mouth
-Loves to watch TV
-Can sit up in the bumbo but after a while his head gets wobbly so I usually put something behind him like a blanket, or push him against the couch cushion in case he needs it.
-Loves rice cereal

Thursday, October 4, 2012

2 Months

So far behind in blogging!! Braxton is 3 months old and here I am posting his 2 month post oh well! 3 month post coming really soon! 

At 2 Months (really 2 1/2) Braxton-

-Wears size 1 diapers, 3 month clothes and socks-no shoes yet
-Has a super strong grip and loves to use that grip on my hair
-Is what I call a good sleeper. He only wakes up once at night (usually in between 3-5am) and takes 2-3 naps during the day. He falls asleep easily, but has a hard time actually staying asleep.
-Is a Pee Pee Machine just like Conner was! We are going through diapers like crazy over here. Which also means that he is a great eater! He drink about 3-4 oz. at every feeding.
-Is still sleeping in our room-usually in the swing or on our bed
-Loves to be upright when he can. He doesn't like to lay down for long periods of time. He like to be held upright. We have put him in the exersaucer a couple of times (surrounded by pillows and blankets) and he loves it!
-Loves to coo and make sounds
-Has me mesmerized by his big glossy eyes and half crooked smile!!!