Friday, May 29, 2009

Body Part

Not much has been happening with our family lately so I haven't posted anything. But yesterday I was just feeling my stomach and on my left side I could feel one of Conner's body parts! I have no idea what it is, but it was cool to feel it and know that our son is growing! Chris is sadly out of town for a few days so I'm hoping that he will be able to feel it when he gets home! My tummy is getting bigger and it feels like it's going to burst open at any minute, but I'm loving it!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Trip To San Diego

We took a quick trip to San Diego with part of my family and one of my brother's companions from his mission. The weather was awful, it was cold and windy most of the time which put a damper on things. And I'm 5 months pregnant and Chris was really sick, so we were loads of fun!
We caught a Red Sox and a Padre game which were fun. They had fireworks after the Padre game which was cool. And the Sox game stunk so let's not talk about that. We went to Coronado and stayed there about 20 minutes, I was freezing! We went to Old Town and had some Mexican for lunch! It was also my dad's birthday while we were in San Diego so we decorated
their hotel room and gave him his gifts.
All in all we had fun and relaxed a lot! I'm sad though, because this will probably be our last trip before Conner comes and I wish that it had been more fun and the weather was better. Oh well, maybe Chris and I can escape somewhere for a few days before he gets here!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Yes, here I am blogging on vacation! I took a nap before dinner so I'm not really tired and my hubby is sick and sleeping, so here I am. I have a few things on my mind, so here it goes.

Having a boy and a family has been on my mind a lot the past week. When we were first trying to get pregnant we pretty much knew that we were going to have a girl, so I got really geared up for a girl. We had the name picked out, I had the nursery decorated in my mind and then we found out that we were having a boy. I was depressed at first and sad. But the past week or so I have been really happy that we are having a boy. Girls are drama and high maintenance and I don't think that I am ready to have a daughter at this point in my life. Chris is getting excited to teach our boy how to play baseball and other sports. I have already told Chris that he gets to potty train him, I just can't do it!

I have felt Conner move around lots and Chris and my dad have been able to feel him as well. It is really cool to know that my child is growing inside of me and will be here in a few short months. I am not going to lie, I am terrified!!! I know that my whole life is going to change and that my relationship with Chris is going to change and it scares me. I am afraid of being solely responsible for another human being and providing for that being and that freaks me out! I worry that I won't be a good enough mom, but I know that Chris will be an amazing dad. I worry about what things to teach him and how to teach him those things.

Aside from all of my worries and fears, I feel truly blessed to be experiencing this pregnancy and experience. I turn 25 this year and thought that by now I would be done having kids. But I am glad that things are happening at this point in my life. I am anxious to start this next phase in our life and I am very excited to meet our son!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby Stuff, Trees and Goodbye

As per request, here is a picture of me at 21 weeks!
I did have a patient ask me today when I was due. It was kind of weird,
but nice to know that I look pregnant and not fat!

I ordered our Pac N Play from Target a few weeks ago and it finally came! Chris was a cute Daddy and set it up and it's sitting in our bedroom where Conner will sleep. I got a gift card from work to Target for $60 so after tax and shipping it only cost us $33!

We finally got trees to put in our front yard! Chris spent a ton of time weeding the park strips (for the 3rd time) and put the trees in! Great job Babe!

And we are off to sunny San Diego tomorrow to enjoy a Red Sox game
and a little family vacation, probably our last vacation before Conner comes!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Brothers Homecoming

My brother Chris got home from his mission in Detroit on Thursday! We are so excited for him to be home now even though he had a great mission! I can tell that he has changed spiritually, but he is still the same ol Chris that left 2 years ago!
Here are some photos from the weekend!

We decorated the front yard in yellow!

After a long wait, he finally came down the stairs at the airport!

Jaedon, Chris and Tyleigh at the airport!
(This was the first time that he had met Tyleigh)

The Cardons and Chris!
(The Cardons ran the mission office while Chris was there.
They live in Arizona and drove up just to see Chris)

Family Photo after Chris spoke in church on Sunday.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

20 Week Update

I had my 20 week appointment today and everything is looking good! Conner weighs 13 oz. but I don't know how long he is yet. The doctor said that he is a Van Bibber meaning he is small! And from the ultrasound we found out that my placenta is backwards, meaning the thicker part is towards my stomach and the thinner part is towards my back. My sister had this as well with her last baby and it just means that it will take longer for me to feel Conner move. I still have not hit my pre-pregnancy weight yet, 1 more pound to go! And according to the ultrasound, my due date should be September 11th, but the doctor is going to keep it at the 18th for now, darn it!