Friday, July 19, 2013

Unsure/New Blog

So we have kind of lost a member of our family....and I'm unsure what to do about this blog. This blog holds so many memories and photos that I want my boys to be able to look at and that I would still like to look at. I plan on making it into a blog book some day so I don't want to delete it. So for now, if you would like to continue following me and the boys, come to our new blog! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Braxton 10 Month, 11 Month and 1 Year

Oh Braxton----you are 1 year old today!!! This has been such a fast year but such an amazing year with you in it! I truly believe that you were born at the perfect time in my life. You are the happiest little kid I know. You wake up smiling and fall asleep smiling! You laugh all day! You make me want to be happy! There are many moments during the day that I just look at you and feel happiness-and I need that right now!

 You are such a boy! You love to get dirty, you are loud, you scream, you make noises! You have no fear at all! You love to climb up on things and jump off couches and beds-all while laughing! You saw a potato bug crawling around today and just picked it up! You love water and don't care that it gets in your face-unlike your brother! You get into everything and love to make messes! You love loud noises like the vacuum.  You are very much the opposite of your brother and I love that! 

You eat everything-except for black olives! You love trying new food and I love feeding you new foods! I love to see your reaction and I just love the way your fingers move as you try to get the food into your mouth. You love pasta fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese, pizza, sugar...anything!!! And you even like to eat things that you shouldn't like toilet paper, grass and anything else your tiny hands can pick up! We have to keep a close eye on you! 

You are a mover! You love to crawl and are super fast at it. You drag your right leg behind you a little bit but you move quick. In the past 2 weeks you started walking!!! You don't do it all of the time, but will shortly. I started holding your hands and walking around with you about 2 weeks ago and you are already taking steps by yourself and yesterday and today you started standing up in the middle of the room by yourself and walking! I have no doubt that you will be running around soon. You are always active! You have to be crawling or moving in some way! You do no sit still ever!  And this includes when I change your diaper-that needs to stop soon! And you love to crawl up the stairs and are trying to figure out how to go down! 

Although you grunt, scream and make lots of noises, you aren't really talking. You have said Mom and Da Da but don't do it regularly. You just smile a lot and that's ok too! You wave hi and goodbye and smack your lips to blow kisses! You always bob your head like you are dancing! I will look at you and say your name and you dance! I always say that you must have a song that plays all the time in your head! 

I can honestly say that our lives would not be the same without you Brax! I hope that you always stay happy. I hope that you always keep your "zest" in life! We love you so much! 
Happy 1st Birthday Brax!!!

 ** His 1 year appointment is next week so I will add in his stats then! 

At 1 Year Braxton-
-Wears size 3 diapers
-Wears size 4 shoes
-Wears 12-18 Month Clothes