Sunday, March 30, 2008

Redemption-kind of!

On Saturday night we had some friends over for a BBQ and then we played Cranium until 12:30am. This is super late for Chris and I, we are usually in bed by 10pm. It was a very fun night, we had some good food and good memories.

Sunday morning came and we woke up at about 8am. Chris got up and went into the living to watch tv and I fell back asleep. I woke up at 11am and went in on the couch with him. We had lunch and then I fell back asleep on the couch until 4pm.

I am an old married fart who can no longer party until 12:30am-if I do the result is sleeping the whole entire next day It was still worth it!

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Joys of Marriage

I remember in high school I used to be out very late at night on weekends. My nights consisted of grabbing some fast food dinner, hanging out at friends houses, traveling the neighborhood streets, watching movies, more fast food runs to get ice cream and other random things. Then college came and things changed a little bit. A little more studying, less staying out late. Then I got married.....

Here we are on Friday night. Chris has been watching the Jazz game in our bedroom and fell asleep. I was in the living room watching Food Network, made myself some Mac & Cheese and played on the computer all night. What happened to having fun and staying out late doing fun and crazy things? We are the most boring couple ever!

I think that you get married, get jobs, work your butt off all week and then crash come Friday night! I have decided that we need a child to give us some energy and something to do. Until then...anyone want to hang out Friday nights?

Thursday, March 20, 2008


So my sister told me today that I will be an aunt again! She found out earlier this week that she is expecting her 3rd baby this November. I am very excited for her and I am excited to be an aunt again!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Hubby

I saw this on someones page and though it was cute.

What is his name? Christopher Glenn Gillespie ( I recently learned that it's spelled with 2 nns and not one)
How long have you been together? Married for almost 3 years (wow, time flies!)
How long did you date? Over 4 years
How old is he? 25
Who eats more? I eat more. His stomach is the size of a pea. He makes me look like a fatty when I down my burger and my fries and he barley eats his burger.
Who said I love you first? I told Chris that I loved him after 2 weeks of meeting him. It freaked him out. 2 years later, he told me that he loved me. And now we are married!
Who is taller? Chris by a few inches (ok myabe like 5 inches)
Who can sing better? I can. Chris can't sing at all.
Who is smarter? Tough one..I would say Chris is.
Who does the laundry? We both do the laundry. It's team work! He can't ever remember to take pens, change and chapstick out of his pants though so I have to check them first.
Who pays the bills? I do, but with his money!!! He always calls me to see how much money we have.
Who sleeps on the right side? Chris sleeps on the right side of the bed because it is by the windows and that's where the spiders come in, they can get him first.
Who mows the lawn? We don't have one yet, but when we do it will be Chris. I hate yard work and he loves it.
Who cooks dinner? I do the most cooking, but I let him do the grilling. And I usually have him cook the meat that goes into our meals.
Who drives? Chris does. I can't see very well when I drive.
Who is more stubborn? I really don't know. We both have things that we are stubborn about. Someone let me know.
Who kissed who first? I kissed him first.
Who asked who out first? He asked me out first. We met 1 week before Valentine's Day so our first date was on Valentine's Day.
Who proposed? He did on Christmas Night in front of my entire family. He was so upset that I didn't cry, but I was shaking because I was scared about my dad's reaction.
Who is more sensitive? Oh my gosh I take the cake on that one. I cry over everything.
Who has more siblings? He does. I have 2 and he has 3.
Who wears the pants? I think that I do, but he probably thinks that he does.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

100 Things

So my friend Tracy did a post where you have to list 100 things about yourself. She didn't think she could do it, but she did. I don't think that most people care or want to know 100 things about me, but here it goes.

1. I love to write. As you have noticed from the blog.
2. I hate to read books. I never have and probably never will.
3. I do not like to play sports.
4. I love to cook-I will throw a dinner party for any reason!
5. Although I love to cook, I don't think I do it well.
6. I am a better baker than I am a chef. I love pastries.
7. I dream of owning a bakery one day.
8. Although I want to own a bakery one day, I hate mornings.
9. I love days where you stay in your pjs all day.
10. I love Days of Our Lives and I record it everyday and then watch them on the weekends.
11. I also record Good Things Utah and have to watch it right when I get home from work.
12. Like Tracy, I also watch The Hills and I love it.
13. I also watch the Food Network all of the time-Poor Chris has to watch it too.
14. I love photography. My new dream is to be a photographer.
15. I can't wait to be a mom!
16. I am also terrified to become a mom FOREVER.
17. I love to paint-not on canvas but paint walls.
18. I love to craft. It is my new hobby.
19. I want to learn how to do vinyl lettering.
20. Are you bored yet? I hate to file my nails.
21. I hate wearing socks and shoes-I am a flip flop barefoot girl.
22. I hate the beach-I don't like sand in my toes and I hate how they are dirty. And who knows what lives under the sand that could eat me.
23. I am so glad that I married my husband. I love him more than anything in the world.
24. I wish I could be out of debt.
25. I love to decorate. Before we moved into our house I drew layouts of the rooms and planned where to put everything.
26. I wish that I had more money to decorate.
27. I am a planner. The second that I know about a party or event, I start planning it.
28. Along with planning, I am a list maker. I have to make a list for everything. I enjoy crossing the things off that get done.
29. I love grocery shopping. I sit down Sunday, go through the paper and cut out coupons. Then I make dinners that go along with products that I cut coupons out for. Then I make my menu (in list form).
30. I try and go to the same grocery store because I know the layout. It makes my grocery shopping so easy to know where everything is. It usually takes me 20-30 minutes. And of course, I take my shopping list with me!
31. I love to clean.
32. But I hate to clean the bathtub and I hate to mop.
33. I have been to Mexico
34. San Diego
35. San Francisco
36. Yellowstone
37. Arizona-Tuscon, Aguilla, Wickenberg, Yuma
38. Idaho (who hasn't)
39. South Carolina
40. North Carolina
41. West virginia
42. Virginia
43. Probably more places that I can't think of right now. I am going to Seattle in May.
44. I love Nascar. Jeff Gordon is my man. I used to hate it, but Chris made me like it.
45. I love the Running Utes! I would love season tickets (hint, hint baby)
46. I have never broken a bone
47. I have never had stitches
48. I have never had a sprang
49. I have never been to the hospital for myself
50. Halfway there! I don't think I can come up with more.
51. I still have my tonsils
52. And my appendix ( I think that's how you spell it)
53. I have a zit popping fetish.
54. I also love to peel people when they get burned. I love the sound it makes when you get the big sheets that come off.
55. I just remembered that I went to Wyoming once.
56. This is so not something I should tell people but I once farted so loud that it woke me up. Ask Chris for the full story.
57. I used to be skinny and gorgeous, but think I'm fat and ugly now.
58. I am jealous of all of my gorgeous friends!
59. I am the only one of my close-knit friends that does not have a child.
60. I love the internet.
61. I check my bank account, hotmail, myspace and now my blog everyday when I get home from work.
62. My husband and I are the same weight-Freaky.
63. I have tiny hands and feet-but my moms are smaller.
64. I hate to work out.
65. I bought a workout ball like 6 months ago and just pumped it up last week.
66. The ball is still sitting next to my bed, unused.
67. I would love to travel more.
68. I hate my husband traveling so much.
69. I get scared every time he leaves town that I won't see him again.
70. I hate sleeping alone. I usually have one of the dogs sleep in the bed with me to replace Chris. 71. Chris and I own 2 houses.
72. I am eager to learn how to do things around my house
73. Like putting in a sprinkling system and yard
74. My car is paid for-YEAH!
75. I love shopping online.
76. I hate to buy shoes.
77. I have to wear my wedding ring, I feel naked without it.
78. I have forgotten my ring twice and had to go home and get it.
79. I love dogs-hence our 2 dogs.
80. I hate cats. I am ok with the cats that I grew up with, but I hate other cats.
81. I wish I could sing. I'm awful at it.
82. And I wish that I could still play the piano. Sorry mom for paying for so many years of lessons.
83. I think smoking is sick and nasty and can't stand to be around people that do.
84. I got my girl scout cookies today-I love thin mints!
85. I love my 2 best friends
86. I am excited to go whale watching in May
87. My hair used to hold curls, but not anymore. I spent an hour curling my hair for Halloween and it fell out in 30 minutes.
88. I hate the color purple.
89. I can't wait to finish our basement
90. Although I am terrified of heights, Chris somehow got me in a hot air balloon. I loved it and can't wait to do it again.
91. I love cuddling with my husband.
92. I love getting back tickles from my husband
93. I'm almost there. Did I mention that I love ice cream? I pretty much have to eat it every night around 9pm. Whenever I ask for something after 9pm, Chris knows it ice cream.
94. I hate driving.
95. I have to wear glasses when I drive and at night because I can't see the lines on the road.
96. I am so not excited to watch stupid kid shows when I have kids (Dora, Pooh, Barney etc.)
97. I hate dark chocolate.
98. I love getting flowers! Especially daisies.
99. I hate being told to NOT do something. I usually do it anyways. I always have.
100. I am done and will never do this again!

Thanks for reading ALL about me. I really will never do this again. It has taken me 4 days to come up with my list. But it was kind of fun!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Hair

I am not a huge fan of pics of me lately (due to the weight gain in the past year) but I got my hair cut and thought I'd show it off. I cut about 3 inches off, put tons of layers in and colored it again. Please do not leave comments about the fat round face, just the hair, thanks!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Seattle Baby

Our anniversary is in June and every year we try and go away for a couple of days. For the past 2 years we have only been able to go to Park City, but not this year! Chris loves the Boston Red Sox and was looking at their 2008 schedule and noticed that they are playing in Seattle the end of May. Somehow he talked me into going to Seattle for 4 days to see the Red Sox play and tour Seattle, so our countdown begins (it's at the very bottom of our page). It won't be on our actual anniversary, but it's close enough. I am actually very excited and can't wait to go!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Fav

I am sorry to say that lasagna is no longer my favorite food. The Southwestern Egg Rolls from Chilis are now my all time favorite food. They are so good that I have been ordering them almost once a week for the past month for dinner. I love them!!!!

Thanks Gangstas

Thank you to the gangstas who decided that it would be fun to tag their logo on our $8,000 fence! We appreciated the thought and am now so excited to get some chemicals and clean it off. If you could just skip by our house next time we would appreciate that even more!

The Knee

Chris' knee is doing better. He had a really bad week with a lot of pain last week, but this week has been great. He is off the meds and off the crutches. He is walking on his toes but can not quite put his foot flat on the ground. The swelling moved from his knee to his foot so we are trying to get that down now. He has therapy Thursday and can hopefully go back to work after then!