Monday, April 26, 2010

Stinker Bum

I love you Stinker Bum! Pudding face and all!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

7 Months

Conner is 7 months old today and we just can't believe it! Our little baby is no longer a baby and is becoming his own little person! His personality comes out more and more each day (he is stubborn like his dad and has his moms temper)! We really can not express the love we have for Conner and it just grows more and more each day!

At 7 months Conner:
~is still wearing size 3 diapers
~ is mostly wearing 9-12 month clothes (some 6 month onesies still fit and believe it or not his 3-6 month jeans still fit him)
~is growing like a weed! We had to raise the level on his exersaucer
~has found his "man parts"
~likes to assist in changing his diaper by eating wipes or playing with the dirty diaper
~is not a fan of green vegetables (like his dad)
~loves sugar (like his mom). Wait-we don't give him sugar! :)
~likes cereal puffs and apple juice
~reaches for his mom and dad
~likes to growl just because
~likes to blow raspberries
~can sit in the grocery cart now! No more lugging the car seat into the store, yeah!
~is the cutest thing alive!

Friday, April 9, 2010

One Last Picture of Conner

Here is one last picture from Conner's photo shoot! I'm in love!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Pictures of Conner

Julie finished editing Conner's pictures! We are going to pick the disc up and then we can print them off! She posted some more of them on her website so check them out. I am having the hardest time picking out my favorite one but I think it's the bum shot one! It's kind of funny because I was really worried when I was pregnant that we would have an ugly kid! I laugh at that thought now! Thanks again Julie!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Easter Post

Warning---Picture Overloaded Post!
This was Conner's first Easter and it was wonderful! Saturday morning the Easter Bunny made a special visit to our house to see Conner. Conner was excited and then scared, it was funny! Saturday night we had a wonderful dinner with my family. And Sunday morning Conner woke up to his first Easter basket! We had a very relaxing and lazy Easter which consisted of a little Conference, napping and the first Red Sox game of the season, a perfect Easter!

So excited to meet the Easter Bunny

And then not so sure!

Conner's First Easter Basket

Loving the basket more than whats inside of it

Still loving the basket

Friday, April 2, 2010

Accident #1

Conner had his first accident this morning (the first of many, I'm sure)! I put him in his swing this morning to watch some cartoons and laid back down in bed (I wasn't ready to get up and going). I got up after a little bit and went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. When I came back out of the bathroom Conner was face down in his swing! Somehow he had turned onto his stomach without falling out of the swing!
Ok, that wasn't the accident but I had to share it first! Now the accident! I had to go to my sisters house today and was almost ready to leave the house, I just had to fill the formula container up. So I just sat Conner in his car seat, which was on the couch, and went to fill the container up. Well after about 10 seconds I heard a big thud and then screaming. I ran over to the couch to see Conner laying on the floor. He had wiggled out of his car seat and fell to the ground, somehow missing the coffee table! I felt so bad for him! After he stopped crying I asked him if he was ok and he shook his head no (that's his new "trick")! Poor guy! I get the worst mom award of the day! Conner is dying to move and we are in so much trouble when he figures it out!