Monday, October 6, 2008


I think the most exciting thing about conference this weekend was the annoucement of 5 new temples to be built. I love to drive by the temples and see their beauty. My dad sent me THIS link in an email. Please take the time to watch the slideshow, it is a picture of every temple built and operating and it's location. It amazes me that each temple is different and has it's own features, yet in each temple the same great work is done. I am working, very slowly, but working on going through the temple and I can't wait to get there!


Lonnie said...

Did you say you are working on going through the temple?
What is it that you are working on?
Their really is only 3 things to do.
1. Attend Church for 3 hours a week for a year.
2. Pay 10% tithing to the Lord for 1 Yr.
3. Have a Desire, a Testimony of the Gospel!

Thats about it!
So what can I do to help you get these 3 thing done?

Love You Amber!

tracylayne said...

I am proud of you friend... I know you really want this and I know its hard sometimes but I am ALWAYS here if you need help. I promise you it will be the most worthwhile thing you ever do!

Johnson Fam said...

I think that is an awesome goal to work towards. It is very special and sacred so it is good to work up to it for sure. You will get there in due time and you will cherish the experience the rest of your life. Enjoy the temple preparation because you will really be thankful for it afterwards. Much Love