Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Brother

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, my brother is coming up on his 1 year mission mark. So my sister and I decided to get him a couple of things. I got him his favorite journal and I wrote my testimony in the front. And then my sister and I made him a candy gram. All right, she wrote one and I wrote one so we combined the 2 of them. The words in quotations are the candy bars!

To our "Big Hunk" of a missionary,
The "Riesen" for this gram is to bring "Joy" into your life. We understand not knowing "Wherther" or not you are going to get a baptism may make you a little "Nutrageous" at times, but things will certainly go your "Milky Way." The "Riesen" you are so good is because of the "Mounds" of service you do. Those "Nerds" don't know what they're missing. You are a "Treasue" to us. We are so proud of you for being a "Life Saver" and going the "Extra" mile to bring a "Bit O Honey" to the people of Detroit. You are doing a "M&M" (might and marvelous) work and your "Pay Day" in Heaven will be worth it. Keep "Chew" sing the right!

"Hugs" and "Kisses", Your Family.

I hope that he likes it!

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