Thursday, April 3, 2008

Life is a "funny" thing

I posted that we just sold Chris' truck-let me back track a little bit. Chris had a black Dodge truck that we paid off. He then decided that he wanted a newer, nicer truck so we purchased the Ford. We have had the Ford for about 2 months. Chris decided that he doesn't like Fords and wanted to keep the Dodge. So he decided to put both up for sale to see what would happen. Both trucks were posted for sale for about a month and nobody called on them. Well, we sold the Dodge Tuesday and today Chris got a call and it was someone wanting to buy the Ford. Crap! Why did that have to happen? It would've been better for us to sell the Ford and why after a month of no one showing interest did someone call right after we sold a truck? Life is "funny" and I'm not liking it right now!

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Snell Family said...

Hey, he could always sell the new truck also and buy a different dodge truck if he wants a dodge. But it does seem like things always have a different time line than we want them to.