Monday, April 21, 2008

I love Mondays!

That's right I actually said that I love Monday! Here is why...

I don't have to work until 12pm which means I can sleep in a little bit.
This also means that I miss traffic (wonderful when it snows)!
My brother usually emails us in the morning so we can kind of talk to him.
After work I come home and my time is consumed by the television. (This may sound bad, but usually I am running errands after work or doing other things after work and don't get home until 7pm, sometimes later). So Monday is my tv night. My tv night starts with Dancing With the Stars, followed by the Bachelor, then John and Kate Plus 8 and then the Hills. by now it is 11:30 or 12pm and bedtime! Dinner comes sometime in between all of that.

I love my Monday routine and I will be sad when it changes!

1 comment:

Jen Molina said...

sounds like quite the routine! I like it!!