Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Craft

I made a bucket list of fun fall-ish type things for us to do this fall so we when we were bored we could pick one. Today was such a nice day outside that we crossed a few of those items off our list. We went on a nature walk around our neighborhood and gathered leaves. Conner loved picking up the leaves and we made sure to name the colors of the leaves as we picked them up. When we got home we put Braxton to sleep then Conner and I made 2 crafts. Our first craft was leaf rubbing. We placed leaves in between two pieces of paper and colored over them to reveal the different shaped leaves. Then we used the leaves to make a turkey. As we were making the turkey I tried to teach Conner about why we celebrate Thanksgiving-he didn't get it but that's ok. His art work was too cute to not display so I grabbed a frame and we put the extra leaves in a little orange bucket and put them on our bookshelf as fall decoration! A great day and activity in my book! 

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De España said...

What a fun activity, and I love the little picture he made and how you framed it!