Friday, May 13, 2011

20 Months

As of last week, our "baby" is 20 months old! That means in 4 short months we will have a 2 year old! And we are not ready for that! Conner is so full of energy lately and loves to keep us on our toes. He is always active and doing or getting into something and is constantly making us smile and laugh! Conner is at such a fun age and we love every second of it!

At 20 Months Conner:
-Is wearing size 4 Diapers, 2T clothes and size 6 shoes
-Has 2 new teeth coming in, thankfully! He has some large gaps just waiting for teeth!
-Says mom, dad, no, yes, shoes, coke, bus, dog, cat, meow and a lot of stuff we don't understand
-Loves bubbles outside from his bubble blower machine but hates the bubbles in his bath!
-Only drinks a bottle before bedtime. We have cut out his morning bottle and he is adjusting well, we just have to feed him pretty quickly after he wakes up.
-Loves to go on walks! He loves riding in his stroller but sometimes likes to walk or push his stroller
-Is becoming such a busy body. He is always getting into things.
-Sleeps in his big boy bed, but sometimes ends up on the pillows on his floor
-Goes potty on the big boy potty before bed and has gone POOP in the potty twice!
-Went to nursery for the first time and loved it
-Spent his first few nights away from his mom and did great!

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