Monday, September 7, 2009

The Moon and Cold Feet

Friday morning I had my membranes stripped and there was a full moon, so I was sure that I would go into labor Friday or Saturday. Well Mr. Moon was no help, I'm still pregnant! But I'm actually glad! It was nice to spend our last weekend childless relaxing and doing a lot of nothing. But I have to admit, I'm really freaked out right now!

I'm afraid of the actual labor and what my body is going to go through. I know that many women have done it, but I haven't. And it scares me. I kind of know what to expect and how things will work that day, but I'm afraid of how I will react to what goes on.

I'm afraid of life with a child. I can handle the diapers and feeding and all of that but it's the other stuff that scares me. The emotional stuff. Chris and I have a great relationship and I love the way it is and don't want it to change. This probably scares me the most!!! I know that things WILL change and have always known that they would. I'm just not prepared for that change yet.

Ready or not, it's happening though! I'm very excited to meet our son and expand our family. I know that Chris will be a great dad and I hope that I will be a good mom.
We go in Friday at 5am to be induced and we will keep you all posted!!!


Lynsie said...

Best of luck!I too am SO scared of labor an delivery. I know how it all works and everything, and all that is to be done, but I too get worried about how I will react to everything.

It's funny, Adam and I were at a movie last night, and I got a little sad with the fact that our lives are going to change. It won't be just about us anymore, but mostly all about the baby. It's a good thing, but I will miss the time that Adam and I have together here and now.

Don't worry, as you can see these feelings are normal, and I think that every pregnant woman goes through these emotions. You will do great, and you will have a wonderful little family. Best of luck to you!

The Deviny's said...

Sorry the moon didn't help...stupid moon ;)
Try to remember that labor is a natural thing and that your body knows what to do, it was made to do this! If you have labor books or took a class review what you have learned so you can remember what your body is doing during each stage. What really helped me was remembering that it wasn't going to last forever, that it HAD to end sometime and when it did my little boy would be in my arms.
You're right, your life is going to change A LOT, and so is your relationship. But it is the most natural and amazing change I have ever experienced. To see my husband with our son makes me love him more than I ever thought possible. I'm sure you'll feel the same way.
Emotionally motherhood is the biggest roller coaster I've ever been on. You'll have plenty of tears and plenty of smiles. I cried when I sucked snot out of Rowan's nose last night...never saw that one coming!
You're going to do great. Let all your fears go before labor and make sure you talk to Chris about them so you can focus on the amazing journey you're about to begin!
I'm so excited for you!
PS Take a really long shower before he comes, showers just aren't the same those first few weeks because you feel like you have to hurry in case they cry.

jenny said...

you will be an amazing mom-! i remember when you're info on the side said that baby conner was the size of a lime.. and i can't believe he's already coming-!

Melanie said...

Amber, I think you're going to do great. With everything. You're a smart and loving person and you have a very supportive family and group of friends, whether they be from work or somewhere else.

You'll get through everything one way or another. You're in for some different (and occasionally rough) times between the labor and life with a baby. But you're strong and you have a wonderful husband who will be doing more than supporting you. He'll be by you're side. For me, just knowing that I'm not doing it alone makes all the difference. Remember to rely on your network!

Sly Family said...

Friday at 5AM, I don't envy that!!! But how exciting to meet your little guy! Best of luck in everything!

Tori and Kyson said...

You will be so great! That anxiety didn't really hit me until I was at the doctors and they said they were going to induce me. I walked out of the office a hormonal wreck. So, at least you had some time to think about it. I was crying my eyes out because it hit me so fast, I'm sure people thought something awful happened in the doctor's office! :) Good luck! You will do great! :)

Sarah said...

Good Luck Amber! And yes your realtionship will change, but that is what keeps a realtionship healthy! Growth and change is a good thing, this will just inhance the love you have for each other!!! Can't wait to see your little man and hear how everything goes!

Nielsen Familia said...

You'll be a great mom, don't worry about that. I think I am happier as a Mom, than I was before. I think it's because I'm not focused on myself so much anymore. I also think my husband and I have grown closer. We love being parents, and it is so obvious how much joy Sarah brings to us. I still think it is important to have just you and your husband time, and I think you appreciate that time a lot more, after having kids. I'm excited for you! You'll do awesomely!!