Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bitsy Bum

I don't have kids to brag about yet, but I am an aunt so I gotta brag for a moment!

This is Tyleigh, my niece or as we call her Bitsy Bum. She is 14 months old. I had the chance to watch her for about 30 minutes today and she amazes me! She can say mom, dad, Jaedon, dog, cat, more and various other small words. She knows how to say mom and dad in sign language. She just learned where her belly button is and loves to show you. My mom has a family photo above the piano and Tyleigh loves to point to people when you say their name. She loves to eat food! She seriously loves anything you feed her and I love to see her face when she tries new things. She reminds me of my Uncle Leonard who adored food as well. She does this thing that we call piggy or puggy nose and she scrunches her nose up and sniffs like her pug dog, it is darn cute! I am just amazed at the comprehension that she has at 14 months old! I love her so much and can't wait to see her grow up even more. Wait, I take that back, she could stay this little forever! I love being an aunt and getting to know these cute little people. I will be an aunt of 3 this November and am very excited to meet my new nephew!


The Vigil's said...

The house thing is gowing, but slowely. We can't really find one that we like, then we will find one and it is either under contract or a short sale and those are not fun to deal with. Also, they keep extending our contract on the sale of our home...stupid market!!!! Sorry i'm venting :)

Kindra said...

What a darn cute little chubber. I think the belly button thing must be that age. Annie discovered hers around a year and hasn't stopped playing with it since!