Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Not Happy

I am so not happy today. I went to the dentist today for a teeth cleaning and he asked me if I had any concerns about my teeth. I have a tooth that is starting to stick out and he told me that I am probably grinding my teeth at night and my bottom tooth is forcing my front tooth to stick out. I said ok, how do we fix that. He then told me the worst thing ever-a retainer or braces! I have gone almost 24 years without these things in my mouth, I have great teeth and now I might have to have braces. This sucks. But he did say that it's not a concern yet and that I could wait on it to see if I keep grinding my teeth. So you don't get to make fun of me yet. Cross your fingers that I don't have to have braces, a retainer I could live with, but braces no.


Melanie said...

Braces aren't that bad. Especially if you only need them for that one thing. You probably will have them for a year, if at all. Just count your lucky stars that you are married and already have the man locked up, having them in junior high/high school really sucked.

Sly Family said...

When I was younger I always wanted braces, but my teeth were good as they were. So if this was fifteen years ago I would be so jealous, but as it is now I hope you don't have to do the whole braces thing.