Monday, February 25, 2008

Can't Come Soon Enough

Spring can not come soon enough! We can not wait to go camping and enjoy the outdoors, hike, bike, run, walk, 4-wheel, grill, make a fire and roast marshmallows. Also, since the weather has been getting warmer, the snow has been melting. This has caused all of the dirt in our yard to turn into mud. Well the dogs love mud. They love to run in it and play in it and since Harley has long hair, the mud loves to stick to him. This causes some issues when they want to come into my house. I have brand new (since September) carpet and would like to keep it clean. So we have to let the dogs into the garage for 1/2 a hour to let the mud dry and then they can come in. Now to my point...I can not wait until the Spring when all of the snow has melted and we can put a yard in. Once we have grass, no more mud and no more mud means clean carpet! Come Spring, Come!!!