Wednesday, June 1, 2011


On May 20th Conner had his first trip to the dentist! The office was amazing and so child friendly and our dentist was great with Conner! Conner has no cavities and has 2 teeth coming in and everything looks great. I need to work a little harder at brushing Conner's teeth every day and actually brushing them and not just letting him suck the toothpaste! And despite his face in the picture, he actually did great! He even got to pick a toy at the end of the visit and he chose a bouncy ball!


jenny said...

what dentist did you go to?
i'm trying to find a new dental office to work for.. i worked for one most recently here (a pediatric office) and i LOVED it.

Joelle said...

Glad Conner had a good experience! Natalie didn't enjoy much about the dentist, except for the toy at the end.