Thursday, June 23, 2011


Anxiety: is a psychological and physiological state characterized by somatic, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral components. Anxiety can create feelings of fear, worry, uneasiness and dread.

I have anxiety. I haven't always had it though. It started when I got pregnant and grew worse when I gave birth.

I have anxiety at night as I try and fall asleep. I lay awake at night worrying about everything from the bills, to what chores need to be done, what is going on the next day, did I brush Conner's teeth that day, is Conner growing up ok, Am I an awful parent because my child drink diet coke and doesn't eat vegetables, etc... This prevents me from actually falling asleep until after midnight. I'm pretty used to this schedule and just know that my mind and body won't be getting sleep until after 12!

I have (the worst) anxiety when I have to take Conner somewhere by myself, anywhere, like the grocery store, the park, Target, etc. Conner is a good kid and I can control him so I don't know why I get it so bad. Maybe it's the thought that he could run off and get lost or taken by someone, maybe it's the thought that he will break something in the store, I just don't know. But I really hate taking Conner anywhere by myself. I will usually make my hubby go to the store with me or watch Conner while I go. And if my hubby isn't home I will usually have someone watch him so I can to the store. Very rarely do I take him with me.

I don't have any physical side effects from my anxiety though (like sweating or anything). I don't think that I need medication for my anxiety, yet. I think it's just a healthy amount of anxiety that I get (is that possible), but maybe I'm wrong. Does anyone else have anxiety or am I just crazy?


The Doll said...

I have horrible anxiety. I have pills to take when needed which isn't often. If I do take them it is at night to help my brain shut off so I can sleep. I would say talk to your doctor. It is easier to mention it earlier rather then later when the anxiety can consume you more.

Sly Family said...

I think to a certain extent we all worry or have a little anxiety. I think it is necessary in order to be a good parent. For example, if you were to take Conner to the grocery store that kid probably wouldn't leave you line of sight. For me, every morning when I find my kids healthy and awake I sigh a HUGE sigh of relief. I believe my brother has some pills for anxiety as well, but he only takes them when he feels he needs them and he says they work wonders. Maybe I am wrong and we both are just anxious people...I hope you figure something out!!!

Ariel said...

I have horrible anxiety too. I have had it for years and I have learned to control it without medication. I was taking some pills for it for a long time but have stopped. I think some amount of anxiety comes with being a parent. You just have to tell yourself everything is going to be fine....things usually aren't as bad as we make them out to be. Love ya!

Tara said...

I totally have anxiety and mostly just for the same reasons as you do. I also think mine comes from feeling like i'm under a microscope since I'm a single parent. I feel like Max's actions when we are out and around other people will reflect upon me as his mother. It's completely nerve ranking. Every time i take max out i pray he is good, even at church. I need to figure out how to conquer my anxiety

Amber said...

Thanks for the comments! Tara-I always say a little prayer that Conner is good too. And the funny thing is, he is a great kid and I really have nothing to worry about. He has only had a couple of tantrums and it has been a long time since he has had one! I guess we just do the best we can!!!