Monday, May 10, 2010

8 Months

Only 4 months of formula left and yes I'm counting! Conner is 8 months old! These have been the quickest 8 months ever! I wish that I could say that Conner was crawling or walking or running, but he isn't yet! He is dying to move but just can't figure it out yet! I feel bad for him sometimes. I think that he is just going to start running and skip the crawling and walking!
At 8 months Conner:
~Can say dad (pretty sure he doesn't really know he's saying dad though)
~Can pull him self up when you hold his hands
~Loves food! He loves pudding, yogurt, orange and apple juice, honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, cheese, eggs, sausage, chicken, fries and anything with sugar in it!
~Likes to click his tongue and blow bubbles
~Is wearing size 3 diapers
~Is wearing 12 month clothes
~Still loves to watch TV
~Loves to walk in his walker. He loves to walk in the kitchen over to the stove and pull my towels down!
~Giggles when dad says his name

We love you Stinker Bum!


Snell Family said...

He's so stinkin cute! I'm sure he'll figure out the crawling thing soon, every baby is different.

Jen said...

Happy 8 months Conner!

The Bells said...

He looks great!!! I need to see him soon. Miss you!

Balls on Parade said...

Oh my goodness Amber he is getting so big and he's such a handsome little man, you must be a very proud momma!!