Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stroller Issues

I have a "planner brain" and I plan things really far in advance and think about things really far in advance, so yes, I'm already thinking about which stroller to buy. I have been doing some research in the past week and have a headache. So I need help from you Veteran Moms out there...should I get a travel system or not?

We already have car seats, so we don't really need them. But I've been thinking about getting one with a handle on it so that when I go places I can just take the car seat out. Most travel systems look big and bulky. But then what do I do when Chris is out of town and I have to go to the store, just carry the baby and try and shop? I don't know!!!

So help me out and give me your thoughts!


Melanie said...

First of all I think you're a little off on your idea of a travel system. The travel system consists of a GIGANTIC stroller that is compatible with your infant carrier (car seat) enabling said car seat to hook into it.

You can buy an infant carrier (these are the car seat with the convenient carry handle) WITHOUT buying the GIGANTIC stroller. They are sold separately.

I will never buy a travel system again. The strollers are way way way too big. Sure they'll fit in your trunk but it won't leave a ton of room left. You can find a great stroller that will fit infant to toddlers without the bulk. We so rarely used our travel system stroller because of how big it was and we never took it anywhere.

Snell Family said...

I would buy an infant carrier (to use until the baby can sit up in a shopping cart) and pick out a stroller that you want. I loved the stroller I used with Ashton (the bugaboo knockoff) that I bought separate because it was a lot easier to handle and had a lot more features like front or rear facing, etc.

With Kaleb we bought the smallest travel system we could find and although the stroller wasn't very bulky I hate the double/plastic wheels that they come with. They are so hard to turn and they aren't built as well in my opinion.

Carl and Steph said...

I will say our travel system stroller has been nice while shopping at the mall and we have light bags'o shtuff. It's also good for letting him lay down and nap. There are probably other strollers out there that you can get like this without getting the whole "system."

dusty kay said...

I would recommend the car seat/carrier and stroller together. You will not want to carry around just an infant seat through the mall or anywhere, you may have a 8lb baby in there, but they sure get heavy and are awkward to hold. Plus, if you get one together they match. Also, the carrier is perfect for shopping carts. Really I recommend getting it together as a set!

I'm so excited for you! I love to hear about new reminds me of when I was having Lexi! Forever ago it feels like.... Good luck with everything. Keep me updated!

The Vigil's said...

I vote travel system. My stroller is not big at all at it is a travel one. who ever bought one that is big just must have not done enough research and bought one that was bulky and it probably wasn't a good brand or something. It is nice to go places and you don't have to take the baby out of the car seat,you can just leave them in there sound asleep and comfy.......and if you don't like my advice my husband said you can always resort to a shopping cart as your stroller, it would basically be the same thing if you bought a stroller seperate from your car seat. Right?


Sly Family said...

I LOVE my stroller and carseat combo! Especially since my little family travels a lot. I have the chicco brand which I think might be a little more expensive (I am not sure) but worth the price.

With one hand I can collapse and put the stroller together and getting the carseat in and out of stroller and the carseat base is a snap.

I still use my bigger stroller because my daughter is more comfortable in it than she is in her smaller stroller. Plus having all the extra space in the stroller is worth it whenever I am out and about.

Sure it takes more space up in my car, but to me it is worth it. I am the same way as you and I wanted to make sure that what I was buying was going to be used and would be durable as well as easy. My advice to you would be to go to Babies 'R' Us and play with the strollers they have on display. Also on the the Babies 'R' Us website you can read other peoples comments about all the products available and I found those very helpful when I was getting ready for baby.

Congrats!!! and have fun with this you only have a first baby once!!!

Johnson Fam said...

No! Get a BOB revolution. I am biased I love my BOB.