Saturday, March 8, 2008

100 Things

So my friend Tracy did a post where you have to list 100 things about yourself. She didn't think she could do it, but she did. I don't think that most people care or want to know 100 things about me, but here it goes.

1. I love to write. As you have noticed from the blog.
2. I hate to read books. I never have and probably never will.
3. I do not like to play sports.
4. I love to cook-I will throw a dinner party for any reason!
5. Although I love to cook, I don't think I do it well.
6. I am a better baker than I am a chef. I love pastries.
7. I dream of owning a bakery one day.
8. Although I want to own a bakery one day, I hate mornings.
9. I love days where you stay in your pjs all day.
10. I love Days of Our Lives and I record it everyday and then watch them on the weekends.
11. I also record Good Things Utah and have to watch it right when I get home from work.
12. Like Tracy, I also watch The Hills and I love it.
13. I also watch the Food Network all of the time-Poor Chris has to watch it too.
14. I love photography. My new dream is to be a photographer.
15. I can't wait to be a mom!
16. I am also terrified to become a mom FOREVER.
17. I love to paint-not on canvas but paint walls.
18. I love to craft. It is my new hobby.
19. I want to learn how to do vinyl lettering.
20. Are you bored yet? I hate to file my nails.
21. I hate wearing socks and shoes-I am a flip flop barefoot girl.
22. I hate the beach-I don't like sand in my toes and I hate how they are dirty. And who knows what lives under the sand that could eat me.
23. I am so glad that I married my husband. I love him more than anything in the world.
24. I wish I could be out of debt.
25. I love to decorate. Before we moved into our house I drew layouts of the rooms and planned where to put everything.
26. I wish that I had more money to decorate.
27. I am a planner. The second that I know about a party or event, I start planning it.
28. Along with planning, I am a list maker. I have to make a list for everything. I enjoy crossing the things off that get done.
29. I love grocery shopping. I sit down Sunday, go through the paper and cut out coupons. Then I make dinners that go along with products that I cut coupons out for. Then I make my menu (in list form).
30. I try and go to the same grocery store because I know the layout. It makes my grocery shopping so easy to know where everything is. It usually takes me 20-30 minutes. And of course, I take my shopping list with me!
31. I love to clean.
32. But I hate to clean the bathtub and I hate to mop.
33. I have been to Mexico
34. San Diego
35. San Francisco
36. Yellowstone
37. Arizona-Tuscon, Aguilla, Wickenberg, Yuma
38. Idaho (who hasn't)
39. South Carolina
40. North Carolina
41. West virginia
42. Virginia
43. Probably more places that I can't think of right now. I am going to Seattle in May.
44. I love Nascar. Jeff Gordon is my man. I used to hate it, but Chris made me like it.
45. I love the Running Utes! I would love season tickets (hint, hint baby)
46. I have never broken a bone
47. I have never had stitches
48. I have never had a sprang
49. I have never been to the hospital for myself
50. Halfway there! I don't think I can come up with more.
51. I still have my tonsils
52. And my appendix ( I think that's how you spell it)
53. I have a zit popping fetish.
54. I also love to peel people when they get burned. I love the sound it makes when you get the big sheets that come off.
55. I just remembered that I went to Wyoming once.
56. This is so not something I should tell people but I once farted so loud that it woke me up. Ask Chris for the full story.
57. I used to be skinny and gorgeous, but think I'm fat and ugly now.
58. I am jealous of all of my gorgeous friends!
59. I am the only one of my close-knit friends that does not have a child.
60. I love the internet.
61. I check my bank account, hotmail, myspace and now my blog everyday when I get home from work.
62. My husband and I are the same weight-Freaky.
63. I have tiny hands and feet-but my moms are smaller.
64. I hate to work out.
65. I bought a workout ball like 6 months ago and just pumped it up last week.
66. The ball is still sitting next to my bed, unused.
67. I would love to travel more.
68. I hate my husband traveling so much.
69. I get scared every time he leaves town that I won't see him again.
70. I hate sleeping alone. I usually have one of the dogs sleep in the bed with me to replace Chris. 71. Chris and I own 2 houses.
72. I am eager to learn how to do things around my house
73. Like putting in a sprinkling system and yard
74. My car is paid for-YEAH!
75. I love shopping online.
76. I hate to buy shoes.
77. I have to wear my wedding ring, I feel naked without it.
78. I have forgotten my ring twice and had to go home and get it.
79. I love dogs-hence our 2 dogs.
80. I hate cats. I am ok with the cats that I grew up with, but I hate other cats.
81. I wish I could sing. I'm awful at it.
82. And I wish that I could still play the piano. Sorry mom for paying for so many years of lessons.
83. I think smoking is sick and nasty and can't stand to be around people that do.
84. I got my girl scout cookies today-I love thin mints!
85. I love my 2 best friends
86. I am excited to go whale watching in May
87. My hair used to hold curls, but not anymore. I spent an hour curling my hair for Halloween and it fell out in 30 minutes.
88. I hate the color purple.
89. I can't wait to finish our basement
90. Although I am terrified of heights, Chris somehow got me in a hot air balloon. I loved it and can't wait to do it again.
91. I love cuddling with my husband.
92. I love getting back tickles from my husband
93. I'm almost there. Did I mention that I love ice cream? I pretty much have to eat it every night around 9pm. Whenever I ask for something after 9pm, Chris knows it ice cream.
94. I hate driving.
95. I have to wear glasses when I drive and at night because I can't see the lines on the road.
96. I am so not excited to watch stupid kid shows when I have kids (Dora, Pooh, Barney etc.)
97. I hate dark chocolate.
98. I love getting flowers! Especially daisies.
99. I hate being told to NOT do something. I usually do it anyways. I always have.
100. I am done and will never do this again!

Thanks for reading ALL about me. I really will never do this again. It has taken me 4 days to come up with my list. But it was kind of fun!


jenmolina said...

great! you watch days of our lives and i watch general hospital! I love it!! We are awesome!!

tracylayne said...

yay! you did it! I love it!

Brett, Kelly, Cohen and Kembry said...

No, I wont be coming to GNO. We're all taking turns being with Susan, and I'm not sure when she'll want us to come, but I want to be available to help her if I can. Everything is sort of on hold for the next couple of months.

jenny said...

wow. number 54 kind of grosses me out. you like to peel the skin?! *shudder* LoL. i miss you and want to see you asap.