Sunday, February 7, 2010

10 Years and 5 Months

Chris and I met 10 years ago today! I only remember this because we met 1 week before Valentines Day and our first date was on Valentines Day! I really can not describe the love that I have for my husband. We have had our ups and downs but I have learned so much from him and am so grateful to have him in my life. Chris is an amazing father and I am so glad that we have so many years ahead of us!

And on the 11th Conner turns 5 months old! He is still growing so quick!
At 5 Months Conner:
~Is wearing size 3 diapers (they are a little big but he kept pooping out of the size 2)
~Sleeps in his crib now (we just started this week, so he has only spent 3 nights in
but hey it counts! And surprisingly he is now going to sleep 1 hour earlier!)
~Is starting to eat "food!" We have only started with applesauce. It's been 2 days and he hasn't had any reactions so we might try another food soon.
~Has started to hold his bottle while he eats
~Is rolling over. He rolled over for a few days and then stopped but is doing it again!

Conner is cuter than ever and we are still madly in love with him!


Tara said...

Look how big he is getting!!! So cute.

Melanie said...

That last picture of Conner is so cute.

mallorymallorah said...

Oh my...10 years! My how time flies...
And Conner is always adorable.. I need to come visit and hold him again. :)

The Bells said...

10 years..what an accomplishment!!! Congrats! And that baby boy is just the cutest thing!!! Miss you

The Fabulous Four!! said...

Awww, he is such an adorable lil' munchkin! And congrats on the 10 year mark! Bill and I will be there in June.

Shane and Ariel said...

The love for your baby only gets more and more I swear. Congrats on making it 10 whole years.